Article 22 DIY Cinder Block Planter Ideas You Can Make (2024)

22 DIY Cinder Block Planter Ideas You Can Make (2024)

Creating planters from cinder blocks is a great way to add a touch of creativity and greenery to your outdoor spaces. Here are 22 DIY cinder block planter ideas for 2024 that you can easily make:

1. **Basic Stack Design**: Stack cinder blocks in a simple rectangular or square shape and fill the holes with soil and plants.

2. **Vertical Tower**: Stack blocks in a column, varying the orientation to create pockets for plants on all sides.

3. **Mosaic Painted Blocks**: Paint the blocks in bright, colorful patterns and arrange them creatively for a vibrant look.

4. **Staggered Planter Wall**: Build a staggered wall of cinder blocks for a dynamic effect and plant herbs and flowers in the openings.

5. **Corner Planter**: Fit blocks into a corner formation to utilize space efficiently and fill with your favorite plants.

6. **Herb Garden**: Label each block with a different herb name and use them to create a neatly organized herb garden.

7. **Succulent Display**: Use smaller cinder blocks as individual pots for succulents—ideal for a minimalist aesthetic.

8. **Bench Planter**: Combine blocks and wooden planks to create a bench, using the block holes for plants.

9. **Patio Border**: Outline your patio with painted cinder blocks and use the holes for seasonal flowers or low shrubs.

10. **L-Shaped Planter**: Create an L-shaped planter that doubles as a privacy screen for your outdoor area.

11. **Circular Garden**: Arrange your blocks in a circle with a hollow center, perfect for a fire pit or additional decoration.

12. **Pyramid Planter**: Stack blocks in a pyramid shape and plant different types of flowers on each level.

13. **Raised Garden Beds**: Use cinder blocks to build raised beds for vegetables or flowers, making them easier to tend.

14. **Garden Furniture**: Integrate planters into outdoor furniture designs, using blocks for both structural and decorative purposes.

15. **Decorative Wall**: Build a decorative wall with spaces for plants, which can also serve as a wind or sight barrier.

16. **Mixed Media Planters**: Combine blocks with other materials like ceramic pots or metal rings embedded into the block holes.

17. **Seasonal Themes**: Decorate and plant according to the seasons, using seasonal plants and themed decorations.

18. **Water Garden**: Waterproof the inside of blocks to create small aquatic gardens or fountains.

19. **Intricate Layouts**: Experiment with complex layouts, incorporating curves and different levels into your planter designs.

20. **Edible Plants Garden**: Focus on edible plants to provide fresh produce right from your patio.

21. **Hanging Plants**: Attach hooks to the blocks for hanging plants, adding another layer of interest.

22. **Nighttime Glow**: Paint blocks with glow-in-the-dark paint or insert solar lights to make your garden shine at night.

These DIY cinder block planter ideas are not only functional but also add a unique aesthetic to any outdoor space. You can customize each one to fit your style and gardening needs.

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