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These easy Air Fryer Radish Chips are healthier appetizer, snack and game day fare. Add a salad or healthy protein to upgrade these tasty fried radishes to a quick and healthy lunch or weeknight dinner.

Cooked in the air fryer with no oil, these fried radishes are suitable for vegan, keto, low carb, paleo, gluten-free, and Whole30 diets. Grill cook method also provided. Post includes Weight Watchers points.

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Love radishes? These Air Fryer Radish Chips are a snack lover’s BFF! They make a great lighter substitute for potatoes without sacrificing any of the taste.Yeap, with their sweet taste are a great savory snack that your friends and family will love!!

Guys whenever I think about makingquick, easy, and fun vegetable snack recipes or tasty side dish these low calories healthier easy Air Fryer Radishes are my go-to recipe. #lesstimecookingmoretimesnacking.

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Low Calorie Roast Radishes

They are low calorie, healthier since they are oil-free (yeap, radish chips without the oil – you gotta love the Air Fryer peeps), need minimal prep, and are ready in less than 15 minutes.

They are crispy on the outside and tender and juicy on the inside.

You can generally serve them as a snack but also upgrade them to a light yet filling lunch or weeknight dinner with a side of poached egg and salad.

This is a great base recipe, as they loose their peppery flavor to become a complete blank canvas and can be jazzed up in any way you want. See the flavor variation suggestions below.

Like these Air Fryer Onions and Air Fryer Fried Pickles, Air Fryer Roasted Radishes are a really good option for game day food. Seriously folks, what is more fun than digging into a bowl full of tasty yet lighter chips?!

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Why Make This Recipe

  • These Air Fried Radishes are so simple to make – with 3 easy ingredients.
  • They are highly affordable and a great way to use up leftover radishes.
  • Air frying these is so easy that you can even get the kiddoes to make them while you kick back and relax.
  • Healthier as you need no olive oil to cook these.
  • Serve instead of roasted potatoes for a low calorie side dish.
  • You can triple or quadruple the recipe to feed a crowd. #winningealready.
  • They are very portableto take along to your picnic, BBQ, drinks party, potluck, etc.
  • They are suitable for vegan, gluten-free, low carb and keto diets.
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Ingredient Notes

  • radishes – this recipe called for rawradishes (fresh radishes) with stems and tips removed.
  • Seasoning – use dried oregano and salt.

Ready to learn how to make these roasted radishes in the Air Fryer? Then gather up your ingredients and I will show you….

How To Make Air Fryer Radish Chips

  1. Preheat the air fryer to 390F (200C).
  2. Prepare radishes by washing, drying and quartering them, add to a mixing bowl and mix in the salt and herbs till evenly coated.
  3. Place lightly seasoned radishes in the air fryer basket and spread out.
  4. Air Fry for 9-14 minutes, shaking the basket a few times during cooking. Since air fryer temperatures can vary, start with less time and then add more as needed.
  5. Transfer to a plate when finished cooking and serve immediately.Air Fryer Fried Radish Chips | Recipes From A Pantry (4)

How To Grill Them Instead

Don’t have an air fryer? No problem!Cook these using your grill or barbecue. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. Preheat the grill or barbecue to medium.
  2. Oil the grill plate (make sure to use an oil approved for your dietary considerations).
  3. Quarter the radishes and mix in thesaltand herbs.
  4. Place radishes in the griddlepanor barbecue and spread out.
  5. Cook for 3-4 minutes on each side until they are cooked through.
  6. Transfer Keto Radish Chips to a plate and serve.
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Recipe Tips

  • Make sure you cut radishes to the same size so they cook at the same rate.
  • Feel free to start with pre-cut radish chips but you might need to adjust the cooking time.
  • Feel free to brush your favorite marinade on the radishesbefore cooking. But please note this will change the Weight Watchers points and other diets you might be following.
  • You can vary the spices and herbs to suit your taste. If following a particular eating program, make sure the spices and seasonings are compliant and program-approved. See some suggestions below.
  • You can use daikon radishes too. Just cut them to the same size.
  • You can easily double or triple the recipe but you might need to cook them in a few batches.
  • Cook time depends on the size of the radishesso start out with less time if you are unsure and increase accordingly.

Air fryer temperatures can vary depending on the make and model, so it is important to always check your food for doneness and adjust the cooking time as needed.

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Delicious Variations

The great thing about these is that they are super versatile. You can easily change up the flavor by using different spices and seasonings. You can use fresh herbs like fresh parsley if you prefer

You can add in:

  • Creole seasoning, chili powder for a spicy flavor, Greek seasoning, dried herbs, curry powder, garlic powder, minced garlic, onion powder, lemon juice or lemon zest.
  • For a taste of the Caribbean, I brush some of this ah-maz-ing Carribean Green Seasoning on them.
  • For zestyMexican flavor, use a combination of chili powder, cumin, and chipotle to season them before adding to the air fryer.
  • You can also go for more of a classic flavor profile and swap out the paprika and cumin for Old Bay Seasoning. Delicious!
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Do Radishes Need To Be Peeled Before Cooking?

No you don’t need to. Cook with the skin on.

How Long To Air Fry Radishes?

Depends how you like them cooked. Cook for 9-15 minutes, checking every couple of minutes after 9 minutes. If you like them crispier then cook for a little longer.

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Serving Suggestions

  • Sour cream
  • Toped with bacon, cheese and green onions.
  • Air Fryer Frozen Chicken Thighs.
  • Air Fryer Pork Chops.

Weight Watchers Points i

Good news, myWW peeps. There are 0 (that’s right zero!) Blue Plan SmartPointsin a serving of Keto Radish chips.

Thank you for reading my Air Fried Radish Keto Chips recipe post. And please come visit again as I continue dreaming up recipes, traditional African recipes, African fusion recipes, Sierra Leone recipes, travel plans and much more for you. Thanks for supporting Recipes from a Pantry, UK food blog.

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Air Fryer Radishes

Air Fryer Radish Chips are a super tasty and healthy snack!

Prep Time5 minutes mins

Cook Time14 minutes mins

Course: Appetizer, Side Dish, Snack

Cuisine: American, Western

Servings: 4

Calories: 10kcal

Author: Bintu Hardy


  • 1 bunch radishes stems and tips removed
  • 1/2 tsp dried oregano
  • salt to taste


  • Preheat air fryer to 390 F / 200 C.

  • Wash radishes, pat dry and cut into quarters.

  • Add all ingredients to a bowl and toss to combine.

  • Place radishes in the air fryer basket.

  • Cook for 9-14 mins, till done to your liking.

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Calories: 10kcal | Carbohydrates: 2g | Protein: 1g | Fat: 1g | Saturated Fat: 1g | Sodium: 22mg | Potassium: 132mg | Fiber: 1g | Sugar: 1g | Vitamin C: 8mg | Calcium: 18mg | Iron: 1mg

Air Fryer Fried Radish Chips | Recipes From A Pantry (2024)
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