16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (2024)

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16 authentic Mexican soup recipes to warm you up this winter. These time-tested and traditional dishes add variety and flavor to any kitchen.

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16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (1)

When it’s cold outside and you need to warm your insides, there’s nothing like a big bowl of delicious liquid comfort food. Some of these recipes belong to my mother, my grandmother, or I’ve picked them up along the way. Thousands of years of tradition have gone into these soups. Homemade is always better something from a can. Here are 16 authentic Mexican soup recipes that are sure to hit the spot.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (2)

Caldo de Verduras
When the flu is going around, this Mexican Soup is a good remedy and a good preventative. It is an easy-to-make and delicious soup.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (3)

Sopa de Lentejas
This savory and aromatic soup is great for your troop. It reminds us of the pleasant memories of the past and a warm taste of home. A vegetarian and cozy dish.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (4)

Caldo de Pescado
Mexican Fish Soup, or Caldo de Pescado, is healthy and low calorie bowl of yumminess. You’ll enjoy the depth of flavors and heartiness in each spoonful. The depths of the sea can feed the depths of your soul.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (5)

Pozole Blanco
Do you add cabbage or lettuce to your pozole? Pozole Blanco, or Chicken Pozole, is a simple dish that is abundant with toppings. All come together to create a symphony for your palate. It’s music in your mouth.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (6)

Pozole Rojo
Robust and deep, a classic Mexican soup that’s hard not to love. For some people, this is the only version of pozole that they will order. They would rather be red than dead.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (7)

Sopa de Fideo
Tamales, beans, and sopa de fideo. These are all traditional Mexican foods. Some people will add chicken or vegetables to make a more complete meal. It also makes a great after school snack.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (8)

Sopa de Habas
Looking for a vegetarian Mexican soup recipe? Sopa de Habas is it! A creamy yet meatless and delectable dish. Serve with a warm bolillo (Mexican bread) or a dozen tortillas, and you have a winning meal!

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (9)

Caldo de Res
With bone-in portions and large vegetable chunks, a big bowl of this soup is a favorite in Mexico. Many abuelitas slave over a hot stove to produce this for their loved ones.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (10)

Sopa de Estrellitas
You know how certain foods can bring up a specific memory? If you’re Mexican, chances are that you were raised eating Sopa de Estrellitas, or Mexican Star Soup. This traditional and easy recipe is the reason cooking at home is the best.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (11)

Birria de Res
A big bowl of this Slow Cooker Birria de Res, or Mexican Beef Stew, is the ultimate comfort food. Deep and robust Mexican food flavors that will make your tastebuds very happy.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (12)

Caldo de Pollo
Nothing warms you up on a chilly day like a big bowl of Caldo de Pollo (Mexican Chicken Soup). It’s Mexican penicillin made by Mexican moms and grandmothers everywhere. Hearty with delicious chicken, vegetables, and authentic flavors from south of the border.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (13)

Caldo de Camarón
Shrimp swimming in a bowl of robust and deep flavorful broth… how bad does that sound? lol. They may be doing the back stroke, but you’ll have a stroke of luck if you get a bowl of this soup. Add lime juice and dig in!

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (14)

Caldillo Duranguense
This Mexican soup comes from my family’s hometown of Durango, Mexico. Also sometimes referred to as “Caldillo Duranguense.” It is made of beef in a savory broth of chile pasado and chile poblano. So incredibly yummy!
Ps: It’s not authentic if it doesn’t have chile pasado.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (15)

Sopa de Conchas
You can see shells in this shell soup. Toasted shell pasta in a tomato broth. It’s one of those universal traditional dishes that every Mexican kid grows up eating.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (16)

Roasted Poblano Soup
An easy-to-make and easy to eat soup. It is deceptively simple but complex in flavors. Serve with bolillo to sop up any remaining juice in the bowl.

16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (17)

Mexican Alphabet Soup
This is how Mexicans learn their alphabets. Just kidding! Perfect for picky eaters, this dish fulfills every mom’s wish. It’s a Meal of Fortune. Can I buy a vowel?

“A first-rate soup is more creative than a second-rate painting.” — Abraham Maslow

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16 Authentic Mexican Soup Recipes (22)

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